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Teaching Kids Gardening: 3 Simple Steps

Apr 30, 2019


Jane David

Gardening is a valuable life skill that can yield  many positive mental and physical benefits. It is also a very eco-friendly hobby. For example, composting reduces overall waste by reusing food scraps as a low-cost, nutrient-rich fertilizer. It helps plants grow, which contributes oxygen to the atmosphere. Growing one’s own food also saves money and reduces one’s carbon footprint.

Being aware of our carbon footprint is more important than ever. Preserving the earth’s resources doesn’t just affect the people living right now; it will also have a significant impact on future generations. We’ve discussed a few of the many benefits of gardening for kids before on this blog (read it!). Let’s now take a look at how we can introduce gardening activities to kids in a fun, engaging way.

Here are three ways to make gardening easier for children:


There are many environmental factors that will determine whether or not your garden is a success. Find the plants that are best suited to your area’s sun exposure, climate, and soil type. There are plenty of resources available online. The National Gardening Association has several useful tools and apps. If you have someone who isn’t so interested in vegetables, there are many other plants to choose from. Is your child a bird-watcher? Do they have a keen interest in frogs or insects? Research plants that will attract those animals as food sources or habitats. It’s a great opportunity for a science lesson about ecosystems!


Adult-sized tools can be quite unwieldy for a kid to handle. Having the right tools can also reduce the chance of injuries or strains. Click here to check out our Little Moppet line of high-quality garden tools that are smaller and lighter but just as tough. 


Plant pots are easy to decorate with paint, markers, or stickers. If you’re planting in a yard, designate a section just for your little gardeners by building a kid-sized garden box, making a mini-scarecrow, or crafting your own plant markers. We also have our own cute ladybug and frog markers in our starter and growing kits. 

Gardening is an eco-conscious hobby that everyone can get into, but it is also a skill that calls for preparation, mindfulness, patience, and consistency. These are great values to instill in children, but are they the most thrilling concepts for a child’s limited attention span? Not so much.  But by using these tips to spark their interest, gardening can become a fulfilling lifelong hobby.

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