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Gardening For Kids: 3 Reasons Why It's Important

Mar 14, 2018


Jane David

Once most kids get their hands dirty and see what they've planted start growing, they'll be in tune with nature. And, they'll discover that gardening is fun and something they can look forward to doing all their lives. 

Here are 3 reasons why getting kids started in the garden is a good idea:

1. Gardening helps kids understand the importance that nature plays in our world and that we're a part of a much larger ecosystem. Kids love animals, and that's part of nature too, but seeing tiny seeds turn into plants is fascinating for them. All kids love getting their hands in the dirt (even some of us adults too!). When they see their plants sprouting up they'll have a real sense of accomplishment. 

2. Letting them pick the particular plants they want to grow helps build self-confidence and teaches them how to make decisions. By planting vegetables that they don't like to eat - spinach, for example - might even overcome their dislike of it if they grew it themselves.

3. It's an ideal opportunity for parents to interact and teach their kids about other aspects of nature, like insects and the role they play in the ecosystem. It might even help them get past their fear of spiders and worms. The world of bees is a fascinating one to introduce to kids who want to plant flowers. And don't forget photosynthesis and the role the sun plays - all great learning opportunities. 

There's actually no reason that encouraging kids to get involved in gardening is a bad idea -- and plenty of good ones!

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