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How to Host a Family Fun Board Game Night

May 31, 2019


Jane David

Thinking of hosting a game night? It’s the perfect way to inject some life into your regular family and friends get-togethers.  

Here’s what you need to do:


Probably the hardest part of the process. Usually, it’s the host’s choice, but it might be more engaging to get input from the guests.

If you are lucky enough to have a library of diverse games, you can create a list of choices and you guests can cast their vote.

Focus on one game or have your guests choose their own games. For a fun little twist, create an ‘obstacle course’ of multiple games to play in succession. For example, answer 5 Rational Thinking questions, solve a DubL TrubL PuzL, and score 50 points in the bean bag toss. First one to finish the course wins!

If your guests are more seasoned players of a particular game, how about organizing a tournament? A tournament requires a bit more preparation: player pairings, point structure, and other tournament rules need to be determined beforehand.


The invitation should cover who, what, when, and where. They should also highlight any special features of the party, such as the dress code, the food set-up (Potluck/ full-course meal/snacks), and any other specifics.

It may also be helpful to include an overview of the game, or gaming night structure, to help any  newcomers.

Design websites like Canva, eVite, and Desygner have gorgeous and completely free templates to create custom invitations. You can also invite people by setting up a private Facebook group or a group chat. This way your guests can post their own contributions for the whole group to discuss - an environmentally-friendly bonus for e-mail/online invites: they’re paperless!

If you're looking for an all-in-one kit to put on your game night to maximize the fun and minimize the leg work, take a look at Deadly Vacation and Deadly Passage. These games come with all the accessories needed to put on a spine-tingling mystery dinner game.


The number of guests is definitely a crucial factor in the party planning process.

Consider sending out some pre-invite ‘feelers’. Games with multiple pieces or expanded boards will take up more space than a tiny coffee table can offer. Comfortable seating and appropriate lighting are also things to take into consideration.


If your guests remember nothing else about the party, they will remember the food. Use your creativity to come up with a dish that matches the game theme.

Get giant turkey legs for your Medieval-themed Cathedral night! It can also be as simple as cookies can be shaped like board game pieces or special drinks for a few rounds of drinking games.

It’s a bit of work, but a game night can really be fun.  Even if the games don’t engage people the way you hoped, the time spent with friends and family is priceless!

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