Cathedral™ - Classic Game


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Enjoyed the world over, this multi-award-winning strategy game transports players to the medieval days. Played within a medieval walled city, Cathedral™ is a top notch strategic game of power and position where rivals strategically battle to place all of their buildings on the gaming field and lay claim to their territory. Victory is your goal. 1 8.75" x 8.75" x 2.5" game board, 28 wooden buildings, 1 cathedral, instructions

Age: 8+ # of Players: 2

Players may capture territory within the city by completely enclosing it with their pieces alone, or with the help of the city walls. Boundaries of these areas must be "wall to wall;" that is, if two of the surrounding pieces only touch on their corners, that's not a capture. If the captured territory contains one and only one of the opponent's pieces or the cathedral, that piece may be removed and the opponent may no longer place pieces in that area.

An opponent's piece so removed can return to play at a later stage, but the cathedral will remain absent for the remainder of the game. If the territory contains more than one piece (including the Cathedral), it is not captured and remains available for the opponent to use. Strategy: Use the largest pieces first, don't play into your captured space until you have no pieces left that will fit into the uncaptured areas.

The winner is the player who manages to place all of their pieces, while preventing their opponent from doing so. If neither player is able to place all of their pieces, then the player whose remaining pieces would take up the smaller area is declared the winner.

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