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Searching for a Cool Party Game? Here are 5 Best Choices!

Dec 06, 2019


Jane David

December is the time for giving, sharing, and most importantly, parties!

It’s time to spread holiday cheer with co-workers, friends, and family. Whether you’re a guest or a host in need of fun party ideas, TGP has you covered. 

Here are our top 5 party game ideas:

Don’t Break the Bottle Wine Bottle Puzzle

One of our best sellers, year over year! It’s a great way to get a party going. And a great gift to bring to a party. 

Don’t Break the Bottle features four puzzles to choose from: original, corkscrew, caddy, and vise. 

Most people use these puzzles to gift wine. They work with any wine bottle, as long as it’s a standard size. 

Not sure your wine or liquor bottle of choice will fit? Choose the vise puzzle. The vise only covers the neck of the bottle, which will cover a wide range of shapes and sizes, even beer! 

Challenge your guests to figure out the puzzles by themselves or in teams. Of course, each Don’t Break the Bottle puzzle contains instructions for the solution. 

Magnetic Darts 

A popular pub game you can bring home! 

It’s a magnetized version of the game that keeps all of the competitive skills and strategy of a regular dart game - the only difference is the darts are magnetic. 

We’ve had a great response from our customers. The darts feel like real darts with a bit of weight. Two styles of targets. 

Just add some adult beverages and some pub food and you’ll have a great party!

Trivia Games 

Games about trivia might be more of a traditional party game, but they don’t have to be boring. 

Trivia games work for all ages. Turn a game into a fun and friendly competition with a prize pack with a few items for under $10

Hey, you can Impress everyone with all the little bits of useless knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years! 

And, we have some great kid-friendly options such as Epic Entertainment for Kidz and Dysfunctional Family Fun. For the older crowd (or maybe a really smart kid), there’s Rational Thinking, Optical Illusions, Eat Drink Play, and I.Q. Challenge.

Guzzler Drinking Games

Provided you’re over the legal drinking age, these games can really get a party popping. 

Our unique Guzzler drinking games kit has over 20 games and comes with dice, ping pong balls, and 2 types of card sets. 

The kit includes traditional drinking games like Beer Pong, Flipped Off, or Ping Pong Pool. But it also comes with new and clever little games like Jet or Get Tanked. 

It’s great value for the (newly lowered!) price.

Mini Tabletop Foosball and Mini Tabletop Pool Games

These are two classic games transformed into tabletop versions. At 20 inches long and under 5 pounds, they can be played almost anywhere. 

Why not stage a tournament?  Add some smart beverages and finger food and you’re good to go. 

But wait! They’re not as easy as they look. They feel like real games only a lot smaller, so you’ll need some practice. But that’s all part of the fun! 

So there you have it. Five great games and puzzles that will get any party started.

Click on any game to find out more. Check out our entire selection on our site and get the fun going!

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