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5 Surprising Reasons Why Arts & Crafts are Good for Kids

Feb 10, 2020


Jane David

Everyone knows that kids love to make things. Here are five reasons why arts and crafts activities are good for them. 

  1. Arts and crafts is a quiet activity, good for kids and for busy parents.
  2. Creating something, like a painting, stimulates the creative side of the brain.
  3. Helps develop motor skills. Some arts and crafts activities are tricky, which is a good thing.
  4. Develops deeper, problem-solving, thinking. 
  5. Supports pride in accomplishment, a great self-confidence builder. 

In today's world where entertainment is just a click away, sometimes it's good to return to simpler times. Long before we became obsessed with our cellphones and tablets, it was cool to make things - real, not digital, things. Like painting,  sculpturing, or molding wild animals out of colored modeling dough.

At TGP, we're all about encouraging play.    

  1. QUIET TIME: Encouraging children to get involved in arts and crafts activities provides several benefits, both to the kids themselves, as well as mothers (or stay-at-home fathers). For one thing, it promotes quiet time. This is time can occupy a child for hours, thus giving mom a welcome break. After all, moms or dads, do have a life themselves. 
  2. STIMULATES CREATIVE THINKING: A good arts and crafts activity, like playing with modeling dough, can definitely fire up the creative side of kids’ brains. Imagination is key to a well-rounded childhood, and even simple activities can work. Children naturally gravitate to what interests them, so provide a few choices. Some kids will pick up the paintbrush, others will want to mold funny characters with dough. Either way, it’s all good. 
  3. DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: Yes, things like modeling dough (TF) and building things with matchsticks (Matchitecture) help develop hand-eye coordination in little hands. Kids like to build and make things - it’s a natural motivation. Parents can help this along by providing the right kind of creative arts and crafts ideas and tools. 
  4. DEVELOPS PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS: If you want to build a house out of modeling dough, you have to think through the steps. Solving challenging problems through careful planning and organizing are important skills when growing up. Things don’t just happen; they have to be planned; that’s how arts and crafts activities can come into play. 
  5. DEVELOPS PRIDE IN ACCOMPLISHMENT: Who can’t remember a time when you made something and were busting to show it off, no matter what it was made of? We all want acceptance and respect - especially true for children - so when they are able to actually create a piece of work, it pays huge dividends. When a child knows his or her work is appreciated, it builds self-confidence and assurance - two qualities necessary for balanced adult life. 


Check out our wide selection of cool arts and crafts for kids included Tutti Frutti scented modeling dough, shown above. Have fun!

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