Tutti Frutti Hairdresser Kit


SKU: BJTT14821

Get a new cut or a new color with the Tutti Frutti hairdresser kit. Seat the client in the stylist's chair, load your choice of dough into the tube underneath, then press! Try any look you can imagine - combine colors to make different tones, load the press with two colors to make an ombre look, or make your own complementary accessories. Check out our refill packs for more colors.

In this set: 3 tubs of Tutti Frutti modeling dough in chocolate, strawberry and lemon scents, 1 pair of scissors, 1 comb, 1 hairstylist chair, 4 characters and their stickers, and 1 modeling tool.


  • Tutti Frutti dough features the scents of real fruits and sweets in a range of vibrant colors
  • The dough is non-toxic, water-based, re-hydratable, and won't stick, stain or crumble. Blend any combination of dough together to make new colors and scents.
  • Creative activities have several benefits - increase confidence, develop motor skills, and exercise the imagination
  • Ideal indoor activity for snowy or rainy days, for individual quiet time or groups
  • Ages 3+

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