Sacred Myths and Legends™


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Who will be able to reach the final puzzle in this legendary series? Comprised of 6 solidly constructed wooden puzzles, each quandary includes a sacred scroll, coded engravings, and pictorial fragments, all of which participants will use to unravel the missing links. 

Each puzzle can be solved independently, but each solution will provide a useful clue to the next mystery in the series.

  • Puzzle #1 - Davinci's Secret: uses graphic clues
  • Puzzle #2 - The Equation - uses mathematical clues
  • Puzzle #3 - Legend of the King - uses historical clues
  • Puzzle #4 - Enigmatic Temple - uses geographical clues
  • Puzzle #5 - Pillars of Atlantis - uses mythical clues
  • Puzzle #6 - Carta Blanca - uses universal clues

(Tip: Once they're solved, these puzzles make unique decorative objects for desks and coffee tables!)

Age: 8+

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