Play is Important: Find Out Why

Play is a vital part of growing up. We all know that, but did you know that recent studies have shown that healthy play is good for developing young brains. 

For example, it is notable that kids are more attentive in school after they have had a short break -- or a recess as it's called in most places. It's because play, unlike a classroom, doesn't involve adult influence. 

Here's an interesting fact: In China and Japan, where you have some of the best students in the world, teachers have recognized how important play is by giving students frequent breaks, sometimes every hour. 

One form of play, called 'sociodramatic play' is pretend play. This form of play has been shown to improve cognitive and linguistic abilities and help kids learn about the world around them. By pretending, they also learn about emotions and how to deal with them. 

Play is also beneficial in teaching kids about logic and reasoning. Say if a baby doll 'wets' her/himself, a diaper has to be changed. In that way, pretend play helps children make rational decisions. 

Young children generally have to depend on the decisions by the adults around them. They are told 'yes' or 'no' to certain requests; like when to go to bed; and how to dress. Naturally, these decisions are made in kids' best interests but they are not their own decisions.

That's where play comes in. 

Play is different because it permits kids to make their own decisions, and in so doing, aids in creating confidence, a positive self-worth, and ability.

So let kids play! 

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